Hello, Tumblr World. My name is Rachel. I am an author and an interviewer for the website/magazine, Teen Ink. I will be using this Tumblr page to update you all on my Narnian related writing/art. Plus I will upload my Narnian playlist, and share my favorite Narnian photos.

*All edits on any of my Pages belong solely to me. If any credit is due elsewhere, it is given. While the ideas are open (not including my series, "Innocence" which is special and the idea is not open), if you wish to use my edits, it must be with my permission. Otherwise, it is stealing.

**Excluding the Christian artists, I do not endorse the artists, nor the music, which I use in my edits.

***I would really appreciate if, when I post one of my series as I have been recently (with all of the edits from each verse/chorus in each posting), that you leave them as they are. If you would like one specific edit from a series, let me know and I will post it for you. But please do not delete edits from my posts. It eliminates them from anymore followers and potential rebloggers to see them and thus defeats the purpose of even having posted them in the first place.

Thank you,

Skandy-Candy <3


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